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Skill Set

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    Everypay Portal

    Australian Finantial Startup

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    5 Times Dictionary

    Personal dictionary and word reminder

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    Candle Shop - Shopify - Gatsby

    Candle Store connected with Shopify - Gatsby

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    Real State - Bienes Raices

    Real State Web Page - Integrated wit Strapi CMS

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    News search engine

    this page shows Australian news by category

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    Image Search Engine

    Search free Images from Pixabay

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    Weekly Expenses

    Create a budget for your weekly expenses

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    Drink Recipes

    Search Drinks recipes by ingredient or category

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    Weather Find

    Find the weather of different cities

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    Add projects and task, complete and edit tasks

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    BizTalk Server Course (Spanish)

    Course about BizTalk Server 2016 in Spanish (4.4 rating).

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